About Us

The Sociedade Têxtil Vital Marques Rodrigues, Filhos, SA is a centennial industrial company with textile experience, but with a constant search for innovation and development through continuous improvement in all departments, combining tradition with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Our ability to understand and analyze the needs of an increasingly demanding and complex market has inspired us to be at the forefront of our competitors by using the most advanced techniques in the production of knitted and jacquard fabrics for mattresses, decorations and home textiles .

Our mission is to create and produce knitwear, fabrics and home textiles that meet the needs of our customers and offer the best designs and quality to our products, maintaining the speed and reliability as always. Our design department develops unique collections with an impressive range of standards and colors made in our laboratories, which is a key factor in our competitiveness, enabling us to keep up with the trends and innovations of world markets.

Our commercial policy is to establish long-term relationships with our trading partners and we are proud to have as clients some of the most accredited mattress producers in the Iberian Peninsula.

To meet the needs and desires of our customers and end consumers, we are constantly concerned to develop new products through the use of new fibers and / or new finishes.



Construction of the company, one year after the implementation of the Republic in Portugal by Etelvina de Jesus Machado, to which he gave the name of  "Manual de tecidos de algodão".


Etelvina de Jesus already had 16 Jacquard looms to produce quilts, with his marriage to Vital Marques Rodrigues, the company changed its designation to Vital Marques Rodrigues and together they bet not only on the production of fabrics, but also on dyeing.


The company takes advantage of its synergies and also produces Jacquard fabric for mattress, changing its name to Sociedade Têxtil Vital Marques Rodrigues, Filhos, Lda.


The supply of mattress cloth was diversified with the arrival of the first circular knitting machine.


With the third and fourth generation came the need to expand the area of home textiles resulting in the production terry fabrics


Currently, Vital Tecidos stands out for its wide range of products and finishes looking to satisfy the needs of its customers.

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